Girls gain the knowledge and skills to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle through programs such as:

Girls Inc. Experience

all-girl, pro-girl environment

Mind + Body

Promoting the whole health of girls

Sporting Chance

Developing a lifetime of enjoyment in physical activity.

Project BOLD

Self-defense techniques and strategies to lead safer lives.

Informed and In Charge Healthy Sexuality

Taking charge of their sexual health.

Friendly PEERsuasion

Making smart choices in response to peer pressure.


Girls set and attain personal, academic, and career goals and consider college a natural extension of high school.


Preparing girls for cutting-edge, dynamic STEM careers

Literacy Initiative

Building literacy skills

Operation SMART

Sparking interest in S.T.E.A.M!


All girls need the confidence and skills to function independently and live productive and fulfilling lives.

Leadership and Community Action

Building leadership skills

Media Literacy

Increasing awareness of the power of the media

Economic Literacy

Managing money wisely

Know a girl who would benefit from these transformative programs? Contact Sarah Etelman to find out how to get her involved!