Sandra Loya, Business and Operations Director

When she’s not steering the Business and Operations ship towards success, Sandra’s the captain of a vibrant household, reveling in the joys of motherhood.  But for Sandra, success transcends professional achievements; it’s about leaving the world better than she found it. As a child, she dreamt of being a mom, and now it’s her most cherished role- family game nights and impromptu dance parties are her go to for quality time. To her, true success is defined as “raising intelligent, responsible, and kind children.”

With her life motto of “always be kind” and a favorite movie line of “carpe diem”, Sandra infuses fun and positivity (and amazing food) into every aspect of her work. It’s no surprise to her co-workers that she is an incredible cook, but it might surprise them to know that she also has a hidden talent of being a great rapper.

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