Wilmarie Reyes, Teen Center Coordinator

“Meet the girls where they’re at.” That’s Wilmarie Reyes’ philosophy at Girls Inc., which is cool, because the girls think Wilmarie is where it’s at. They call her “Unicorn Superhero,” partly because of her favorite saying (“A head full of fears has no space for dreams”) and her colorful hair. A person of great energy (she loves rowing, tennis and dance) she also admits that, if she wrote a self-help book, it would be titled How to Become a Morning Person. Wilmarie, who has roots in the Dominican Republic, is inspired by powerful women: She’s a fan of the female millennial newsletter, The Skimm, and if she could witness any historic event, it would be when women first won the vote. If she she could interview anyone, it would be Frida Kahlo, one charismatic Latina to another.

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