The Impact

At Girls Inc. we want to make a measurable difference in the lives of the girls that come through our doors.  We want to know that our mentors and programs are effectively and efficiently teaching them the skills they need to live up to their full potential.  While the stories we hear from girls and their families tell us a lot, data tells us even more.

In 2016 Girls Inc. National launched the Girls Inc. Strong, Smart, and Bold Outcomes Survey (SSBOS) to evaluate which programs get results and where we can improve.

Over 1,700 girls from 22 Girls Inc. affiliates, from Portland, OR to Arlington, TX to Nashua, NH, participated in this study.

The results are striking.  Girls who took the survey made better decisions about their health and lifestyles, set and achieved higher academic goals, and put themselves on track to lead independent, successful lives.

Here are some highlights:


% who have tried marijuana





% who have tried alcohol





Girls Inc. girls.     National Average


9 out of 10 Girls Inc. girls:

• care about doing well in school.  • try to find out more about the things that interest them.  • like learning new things.


The majority of Girls Inc. teens…

have remained free from disciplinary actions (suspension, expulsion, arrest)

have successfully avoided getting into fights

help make sure all people are treated fairly