Talysha Rivera, Program Facilitator, Elementary School Programs

Creative and inspired, Talysha recalls navigating her sense of self as a child by incorporating  fun accessories and hairstyles into her school uniform as she watched music videos on MTV. Today, Talysha listens to alternative, R&B, neo-soul, and hip-hop, but her curiosity doesn’t stop at music and fashion. If she could interview anyone dead or alive, she’d choose Alan Watts, author and speaker known best for interpreting Eastern philosophies for the contemporary West. Talysha brings her own wisdom to her role as a Program Facilitator, where she defines success as “Feeling self-satisfied and content with the work I do.  Making sure that I stay true to my vision and putting in all the energy I can to achieve my goals”. What’s the first thing she would buy if she won the lottery? A house on an island or in a woodsy area!

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