Cynthia Medina-Carson
Campaign Co-chair, Board Member, Girls Inc. Alumna

Melyssa Brown-Porter
Campaign Treasurer, Board Chair, Girls Inc. Alumna

Bernadette Harrigan
Campaign Co-chair, Board Member

A message from our academic leaders

FALL 2018

Dear friends,

Her Future, Our Future: there is no better way to convey the impact of Girls Inc. on our region. As leaders in higher education, we have witnessed first-hand the profound difference that Girls Inc. makes on the young women who, despite seemingly impossible odds, remain in high school, enroll in our colleges, and graduate to become leaders in their communities. Young girls who might otherwise be stripped of aspiration are encouraged to dream. More than 85% of the girls who participate in Girls Inc. programs say that they think positively about their future and that they plan to go to college. Most of these girls will be the first in their families to do so. And, thanks to Girls Inc. they arrive on our campuses prepared to tackle the rigors of higher education, to strive beyond their wildest imaginations, and to succeed.

Girls Inc. programs, offered for years at its location in Holyoke, are now provided at many schools in Holyoke, Chicopee, and Springfield, with plans to expand to additional schools in the years ahead. The goal is to reach more than 1,000 girls annually as a result of this campaign. Their future is indeed our future. We are pleased and excited to be Champions for Girls Inc. and hope you will join us in promising these young women a brighter future.

Most sincerely,

Campaign Steering Committee

Campaign Co-chairs

Bernadette Harrigan
Cynthia Medina-Carson


Kay Althoff
Martha Baker
Chris Boino
Kathy Bourque
Melyssa Brown-Porter
David Florian
C. Richard Hinckley
Kate Kane
Robyn Newhouse

Carla Oleska
Maria Pelchar
Bob Perry
Liz Preston
Yadilette Rivera-Colón
Jane Roulier
Joan Steiger
Mike Sullivan

Board of Directors

Melyssa Brown-Porter, Board Chair
Yadilette Rivera-Colón, Vice Chair
Lauren Manuel, Treasurer
Maria Pelchar, Clerk

Executive Director
Suzanne Parker

Eileen Bartley
Christopher Boino
Rebecca Bouchard
Xiomara DeLobato
Jean Deschaine
Aida Flores
Kate Kane
Trisha Leary
Cynthia Medina-Carson

Elizabeth Preston
Navae Fenwick Rodriguez
Jane Roulier
Kourtney Senquiz
Crystal Senter-Brown
Lynn M. Starr
Sandra Stoughton
Debra Vega
Zydalis Zayas