Supporting Eureka!

Where the Learning Never Stops

Despite the growing need for STEM professionals in our workforce and the economic opportunities provided by STEM careers, women — particularly women of color — continue to be severely underrepresented. Eureka! is Girls Inc.’s flagship program that increases STEM exposure and education for girls in grades 8-12. Girls Inc. launched Eureka! with 35 girls in 2013, in partnership with the College of Natural Sciences at UMass Amherst. This exceptional collaboration between Girls Inc. and UMass uniquely meets the needs of both organizations.

The thriving program can now serve 125 girls  annually, creating a pipeline of girls from underserved communities with the skills and confidence to apply to college and prepare for the job opportunities offered in these dynamic and growing fields.

The campaign will fund Eureka! for one cohort’s full 5-year experience. This will enable Girls Inc. to fully track and document our success, securing the program and solidifying its role as an important regional pipeline to higher education and STEM careers.

Please invest in her future