Girls Inc. Experience

Who We Serve

We serve 5 – 18 year old girls from the greater-Holyoke, Springfield, and Chicopee, MA areas, extending to Westfield, South Hadley, and beyond. We offer programs after school and during the summer, at little or no cost to families.

The Girls Inc. Experience, where girls…

  • benefit from an all-girl, pro-girl environment of high expectations and mutual respect
  • participate in carefully researched programs guided by highly trained staff to give them the life skills they need to navigate girlhood and become independent adults
  • feel the support of trusted mentors who believe in them and inspire them to live up to their full potential

We couldn’t do this alone.

We partner with people and organizations that are equally dedicated to seeing girls achieve.

  • First and foremost are the girls’ parents.  We work together to inspire their daughters to be strong, smart and bold.
  • Teachers and Administrators from local schools identify girls for our programs, keep us abreast of curriculum and give us the time and space to run programs in their schools.
  • Students, staff, and faculty from area colleges and universities volunteer as tutors and mentors.  UMass Amherst and Bay Path University offer access to their campus as part of our Eureka! summer program.
  • Professional women from our community serve as mentors. These executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators help girls see new possibilities for a future once unimagined.