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Caitlin Mogilka, Program Facilitator, Middle & High School Programs

Caitlin believes that one’s personal happiness is what defines success, and in the past five years, she has learned, “You know what’s best for you.” A Middle and High School Program Facilitator at Girls Inc. of the Valley, she’s also an Assistant Dance Instructor at Carol’s Dance Studio in Chicopee. Cheery and kind, her nickname to some is Christmas Cait. Caitlin is a leader at both of her jobs, where she believes that having good relationships is necessary. If she could be anyone for a day she’d be Miley Cyrus and if she could meet anyone on Earth she’d choose Harry Styles. When asked “What is something you can’t live without?” Caitlin said her cat, which may be why she says the one thing she cannot resist is animals!

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