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Girls Inc. is providing free programming for young girls this summer right here in the pioneer valley.

This summer, the organization wants to make sure that every child is able to afford summer camp experiences. Girls Inc. of the Valley serves youth ages 5-18 from the greater Holyoke, Springfield, and Chicopee areas.

Suzanne Parker, the Executive Director of Girls Inc. knows that children in a lot of communities could benefit from enriching child development programs during the summer to avoid learning loss. She wants campers to be set up for success and feel confident when they go back to school in September while creating memorable summer experiences.

“It is so important I think when we think back to those summers with families that at working two jobs or a single parent working to have a place where their kids can be, but they know they are going to be in safe and inspired and motivated. They are going to have access to opportunities that they wouldn’t have access to is so important,” said Parker.

Parker said that they want their campers to have a space to think about the arts and stem, while also developing leadership and communications skills that will help build their confidence.

Families can check out recreation options throughout their town, such as day camps and classes. Many museums offer children’s programs and even summer camps that can be low-cost, educational, and fun.