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Girls Inc. of the Valley opened up their doors at their new location in Holyoke for their first day of programming.

Girls Inc. has worked towards the opening of their new location for over five years and they were proud to host their first day of programming this month, along with two different age cohorts of a three-week-long summer camp.

They launched their campaign back in 2018 with a mission to expand their physical footprint
and establish a permanent headquarters in Holyoke allowing them to serve a larger community.

“Today is the very first day that our Girls Inc. participants and families will come to programming in this wonderful new program home and headquarters it’s a really special day for us we’re hoping that the kids and families see that this is their special place,” said Suzanne Parker, Executive Director of Girls Inc. of the Valley.

The purpose of their summer camp is to provide a place for the girls to create impactful art through mural painting, photography, performance art, and more.