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It is 2020 and the first woman of color has been elected to be our vice president. Did you hear that? The first WOMAN. The first woman OF COLOR! This monumental election paves the way for young girls everywhere.

This victory lets girls know that their dreams are attainable. We’ve heard the phrase “you can’t be what you can’t see” countless times since the election. Finally, women and girls everywhere will have a vice president who reflects them. Representation matters, and this historic election proves it.

Kamala Harris is going to change the world, and shows that you can too. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or who you are – if you want to change the world get out there and do it! Harris provides a connection to young girls and girls of color that other Presidents and Vice Presidents haven’t been able to do. There is a new basis of inspiration here, and it will continue to grow as women keep on fighting.

The nomination and election of Vice President Kamala Harris paves the way for more young girls to want to get involved. The path is illuminated for more women to want to run for office. I mean think about it, we went from not being allowed to vote – to holding the second highest office in the country. What an advancement!

-Jenna Delisi, Girls Inc. of the Valley Communications Intern