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Girls Inc.’s Online Learning Featured on Mass Appeal

By April 16, 2020No Comments

For Girls Inc. girls, a creative way to use online learning that pays-off 

In these tougher than tough times Girls Inc.’s mantra to be strong, smart, and bold has special meaning.

Many girls are home alone or taking care of younger siblings while their parents are out working, keeping our community safe and stocked with essentials.

We know that child well-being is at an even greater risk during these challenging times. Their worlds have been turned upside down. And for girls who were already dealing with adverse childhood experiences like poverty and racism, the social and economic stressors are even greater.

That’s why we began our new virtual online learning program starting with our first-ever Spirit Week. Staying connected, setting up times for children to hear from caring professionals, through telephone, emails, texts, or letters can be the most important thing we can do to help girls feel secure and supported during the pandemic.

“Even in these scary (for many) uncertain times, we want girls to know that it is OK to have some fun and feel joy”, said Dee Ward, Associate Executive Director of Girls Inc. of the Valley.

Using online platforms like Zoom, Flip Grid, Tik Tok and You Tube, Girls Inc. of the Valley will offer girls activities to be: strong and healthy by trying yoga and Zumba, smart and educated getting help with their homework, and bold and independent by showing up each time!

“Although we would prefer to be together to offer Girls Inc. programs, we want girls to know that even though we need to practice social distancing, they are not alone. If we can provide girls the opportunity to spend time with each other and feel supported  then I think we have provided them a valuable service”, continued Dee.

And, that’s the pay-off.