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Meet Nicole Camello of Westfield State University: Girls Inc. of the Valley’s Communication Intern

Q: Why did you want to choose to intern at Girls Inc. of the Valley?

I chose to intern at Girls Inc. of the Valley because their mission to “inspire girls to be strong, smart and bold,” is something I admire very much. The importance of that statement is derived from the history of women not being able to fully share and express their personal voice in order to make change. We need empowered girls and women now more than ever, especially in leadership positions. Girls Inc. supplies a motivational and supportive all-girl environment that I wish I could have experienced growing up. To me, being strong, smart and bold means really finding your voice and letting it flow for all to hear. It means perseverance, no matter what others think.

Q: What strong, smart, and bold women inspire you?

When I think about the women that inspire me, my older sister comes to mind. She inspires me by always reminding me to keep going even when the going gets rough. She’s there for me whenever I need her, as I am the same way with her. We grew up together so can we reminisce on the ups and downs we both experienced and come to terms about why we are the way we are when. I’m so grateful to have a sister like her.

Stevie Nicks has also been my inspiration in many ways. I know Fleetwood Mac began a few decades before I came into this world, but my mother always played their music when I was growing up. Aside from being very talented and having a beautiful voice, I believe Stevie herself is one of the most hardworking women in music. I admire her ability to pour her heart out in a song, tell a story, and have millions understand how she feels within the language of metaphors. I am a poet myself and much of my inspiration for my writings have been derived from music, so my ears were naturally drawn to Stevie smooth sounds and deep lyrics.

Q: You’re in your last semester at Westfield State University – what’s next for you?

My future career goals are quite vast in the sense that I have many interests while finding it difficult to pick only one to sink my teeth in. I go through phases when one interest may be more enjoyable than another, so I will probably have multiple career shifts and I’m fine with that. I am currently a freelance photographer and writer working on publishing a poetry book I wrote over the course of the past two years titled lovesick and jaded. I also love production and the creative process that goes into creating digital entertainment, whether it be TV shows, movies, or anything else that requires a creative piece of mind and a computer. Expressing myself creatively is what really gets me buzzing. The mind is a wonderful, highly capable organ and I plan to use mine to bring enjoyment and depth into the world.