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We are six years into our Eureka! STEAM program at UMass. (We added an A to STEM to include the arts.) To celebrate how far we’ve come and think hard about what’s ahead, we convened a UMass-Girls Inc. Eureka! Leadership Summit. At the campus, we gathered 15 key thought leaders—aka our “Eureka! Dream Team”—drawn from Girls Inc. and UMass leaders who know the program intimately. 

During the summit, we talked through goals and outcomes, and even reveled in some of our “greatest hits.” Those have included visits to Eureka! from Governor Deval Patrick, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Governor Charlie Baker, and the fact that nearly 50 UMass faculty members have now played a part in the program! We’re so proud of Eureka’s profound effect on the girls, and the summit was a great way to reinforce our ongoing commitment.