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A family of donors

By November 2, 2018No Comments

“I cry with hope every time I read your newsletter.”

That’s what it said on the sticky note attached to the donation check. When you read something like this, you just have to know more about who wrote it. And so we called Farnsworth Lobenstine who, with his wife, Amy Ben-Ezra, are longtime donors. Each are therapists and licensed social workers. The couple has a niece, Lori Lobenstine, who worked at Girls Inc. some 20 years ago, and a daughter, Lev Ben-Ezra, a former staffer. 

Both Lori and Lev have stayed in touch with many girls they knew then—and each woman now helps lead community programs dedicated to improving the lives of youth. “Lori and Lev embedded their experience of the Girls Inc. empowerment model in all of the work they’ve done since then,” Farnsworth Lobenstine told us. “So not only does Girls Inc. change the lives of girls—it changes the life of its staff. Keep sharing your beautiful, moving, helpful stories.”