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Getting reel

By September 4, 2018September 11th, 2018No Comments

Carla, 12, “draws everything I see.” Jaila, 9, smiles and says that, even though she is “very, very shy, I was able to make friends at Girls Inc.” Tatianna, 11, helped a neighborhood girl being mistreated, because “I know right from wrong.”  

These are some of the stories—immortalized on film— that came tumbling forth during a one-day workshop with Visible Stories. It’s a story-centered video service, with a social activist mission, based in Holyoke and created by filmmaker Katie Gay.

At the workshop, the girls reflected on and wrote their stories. Then they winningly shared them on camera. Go to, scroll to the bottom and click on videos showing our girls. Oh, better keep tissues nearby: They’re that sweet and moving.